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[Pre-order] Milkyway Demon Girl Extras

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ūüćĀ¬†Estimated Shipping Time:¬†¬†June 2022 ~ July 2022
ūüćĀ¬†Keycap Profile:¬†Cherry Profile Dye-sub PBT keycaps
ūüćĀ¬†Manufacturer:¬†Milkyway Keys
ūüćĀ¬†Designer:¬†Little Tokyo Keebs

<Important note on color matching>

It has been pointed out that the kitting renders of Milkyway Demon Girl do not fully represent the colors used for production of this keycap sets.

Real life photos of the final product have been uploaded (photos on this page other than the kitting renders) for a better representation of the final product. Please be aware before making a purchase decision. 

Asanoha Metal Artisan

  • R1 Cherry Profile
  • High quality CNC and anodized alumium
  • By Bolsa SupplyÔĽŅ


  • 900mm x 400mm x 4mm
  • Ultra fine printing
  • Smooth,¬† water-resistant cloth top and anti-slide rubber bottom