Group Buy Policy

What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy (GB) is a process through which we, as a community, can use our collective buying power to purchase goods at a reduced price or at all. A GB is typically open for several weeks, buyers can join the GB anytime when it is still open. Shortly after GB closes, vendors will place orders with the manufacturer. 

What is a Pre-Order (Extras) ?

Pre-Order (Extras) is referring to the extra orders of GB items purchased by vendors to sell after GB has ended. This is to help the people who have missed the GB due to various reasons but still want the GB items. The pricing on Pre-Order items would be higher than GB pricing due to up front cost for vendors.

Shipping time for Group Buy

For every GB, we will share an estimated shipping time based on information from the manufacturer. However, this is subject to delays due to various uncontrollable circumstance. 

After GB order has been placed with manufacturer, the GB items will be manufactured then shipped to us. Once we receive the GB items we will ship them to customers and notify customers of the shipment.


There will be no refunds after the GB has concluded. Please make sure you acknowledge it before joining the GB. 

Do not add in-stock items to the same order as GB items. All in-stock items added to a GB order will be canceled and refunded.